Ildar Galeev. Taguti’s “Large Portrait”: the Archaeology of Memory

As the human race inevitably seeks to reach its fall (and it appears to me it will manage sometime), imaging the most important component of the universe, the human itself, turns out to be increasingly dramatic. Formal variability of such representation is infinite, and it sounds oddly for the finite universe. But the art of imaging elaborately is the most everlasting of all (as the ancient Greeks knew – ars longa, vita brevis est). the metaphysics of such a definition will be necessary opposing to material essence of the nature, its forms and manifestations.

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Anna Taguti. An interview for “SNOB” magazine


In the evening of 17 July, the day of finissage of “Люди/People” exhibition, we took a met with Katya-Anna to inquire her about our “Fabrika’s studios”, organization and exhibition support quality, completeness of her ideas realization on the CCI “Fabrika” site. Then we turned immediately to discuss her project, some new questions appeared, and the “business talk” suddenly became deeply soulful and personal. So we decided to publish a short version of the interview.

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Igor Maltsev for “Snob” magazine on “Люди/People” project


Anna Katya Taguti has always been a potent professional in drawing and painting, even when we met 15 years ago and everyone knew her as Kozlova. That was the surname of her father, an illustrious soviet artist.

In our times of contemporary art (sovrisk) you can generally hardly find a good draftsman, today such people are very few. So Katya with her absolutely male hand is one of them. Any technique is subject to her – from painting to graphics or printing on any matter; a game with matters is generally her favorite method. For instance, she makes plaster casts and volume images. However her every artwork is deeply literary. That is she is absolutely realistic in this sense. With all the modern technologies.

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