Sheet as a daily object.
Sheet as a being.
Sheet as a space where a human is born,
enters adulthood with the loss of virginity.
A space to arrange a feast.
A space to make love in.
A screen on which a movie of our life can be shown.
An object that helps accept death. Be wrapped in a sheet and be carried away.
And so it always was and so it will always be.

Multimedia installation consisting of 3 photos and film projections on 3 sheets (Birth, Love, X-ray), video-art (Movies) – 5.07 minutes; 5 objects (Virginity, Refugees, Death, Feast, War).

The project is organized around a juxtaposition of two main themes in human life. Birth and love, the beautiful moments of life that call for life and humanism are opposed to war, death and the fate of the refugees – as incidents of disrupt and destruction that ruin lives. In the current political climate many countries, many people are facing these the horrors again and again.

With this project i wanted to show the cycle of human life through the simplest, most mundane and ordinary thing. the narrative builds up with the help of an every day object and most inexpensive tools, which i believe is best to achieve the maximum result, to engage the spectator, to talk to any person.
As an artist i feel a need to express my sense of the growing tension and discord in the lives of people. the fragility of life, the importance of understanding of the constancy of the human behavior against the backdrop of the ever-changing times have always been central to my work. With this work i am asking a spectator to stop for a moment and consider these themes with an open mind. In a never ending hope that the beauty of life and the humane ideas of compassion will remain with my viewers.
I think the installation fully and clearly demonstrates my ideas. Projections and video art that are made specifically for this project show the fragility and the illusory nature of human life.