People. Approximation. A Large Portrait

Looking at the faces of people I try to see their past, their victories, and their defeats. I try to guess their feelings today and their hopes for the future.

Time instantly turns the present into the past: what was just now, becomes an hour, month, year ago. And we are left with piles of our memories, photographs or letters, in which we try to trace the line of our fate and prepare for the future. Through our youth, which, like any youth, is the promise of the future, through our lost opportunities, through our thinking about death. Through a sequence of our acts, ones we chose and ones we don’t. Through our pain, suppressed by the anesthetic quality of time.

Portraits are drawn on an imaginary wall, on which we notice pieces of posters, photographs, ads with indistinguishable text. These are the signs and traces of the flashing time, at which our eyes stop and thus capture a disappearing moment.

In portraits, I try to catch and preserve the concentrated state of human beings peering into their past, attempting to perceive their present, and foreseeing their future.