Igor Maltsev for “Snob” magazine on “Люди/People” project


Anna Katya Taguti has always been a potent professional in drawing and painting, even when we met 15 years ago and everyone knew her as Kozlova. That was the surname of her father, an illustrious soviet artist.

In our times of contemporary art (sovrisk) you can generally hardly find a good draftsman, today such people are very few. So Katya with her absolutely male hand is one of them. Any technique is subject to her – from painting to graphics or printing on any matter; a game with matters is generally her favorite method. For instance, she makes plaster casts and volume images. However her every artwork is deeply literary. That is she is absolutely realistic in this sense. With all the modern technologies.

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Bogdan Mamonov. People project

Turning to a multifaceted narrative is one of characteristic features of our time. Willingness to create a story is an attribute of stable epochs, when an orderly narrative recognizes itself in an orderly worldview, even if this worldview nothing more than a simulacrum. The ability to narrate is in especially great demand when stability comes to replace the «times of turmoil» and when it attempts to hide its eventual unsteadiness and questionability. It is the ability to narrate, i.e. create a multidimensional large-scale work, that some artists rely on in their “second biographies”: artists who began their careers at the times when narrative could not cope with reality overwhelmed with catastrophic events and feverish speed. Katya-Anna Taguti, the author of People project, is of this generation.

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“Accessories and more” exhibition in The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum.


From February 21 to March 15, 2015, the All-Russian Decorative Art Museum will host the exhibition “Accessories and more”. In the project partners are involved: All-Russian Decorative Art Museum, collectors A. L.   Kusakin and G. I.   Presnyakova and also three artists of the “East Meets West Gallery”.

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Anna Taguti. Laces & Surges


Erarta Galleries London presents Laces & Surges by Moscow artist Anna Taguti. Short-­‐listed for the Kandinsky Prize (Best New Project, 2009), Russia’s most esteemed prize for the contemporary arts, her work combines unusual approaches to printmaking with elements of collage and delicate hand-­‐stitched embroidery to create otherworldly works on paper and panel, and textile pieces that defy classification.

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